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Parental legitimacy, procedural justice, and compliance with parental rules among brazilian preadolescents




International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies (2018) 9(3): 21–46 DOI: 10.18357/ijcyfs93201818275 


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Autors: Kendra Thomas, Herbert Rodrigues, Aline Morais Mizutani Gomes, Renan Theodoro de Oliveira, Debora Piccirillo, Rafael Cardoso de Brito


Abstract: The purpose of this study is to capture a snapshot of the lives of Brazilian preadolescents and gain a deeper understanding of the variables that influence compliance with parental rules. This analysis draws from the São Paulo Legal Socialization Study, a cohort study (N = 800; age = 11 years) from public and private schools. Descriptive statistics provide a perspective on normative Brazilian parenting practices and preadolescents’ perceptions of parental legitimacy across multiple domains. Hierarchical linear modeling revealed that procedural justice, global legitimacy, issue-specific legitimacy, and disciplinary techniques all significantly predicted compliance across issues and between preadolescents. Parents who used constructive disciplinary practices paired with procedural justice practices were more likely to be perceived as legitimate authorities and to have their preadolescent children comply with their rules. Our findings broaden the literature on constructive parenting practices in preadolescence, and allow for greater generalizability of current Western research to a diverse metropolitan setting in Brazil.

Keywords: parenting, early adolescence, preadolescence, procedural justice, legitimacy, disciplinary style